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    Ben Powell Cochise - Audioslave (Drum Cover)

    Very talented drummer here that doesn’t live to far from me actually. He’s done some brilliant covers on his YouTube channel featuring Muse, Queens of The Stone Age and some Nirvana. Take this as a recent example, a cover of Audioslave’s Cochise.


    Vote for Sabian's New Cymbals →

    Canadian cymbal manufacturers Sabian are having a vote for the introduction of some new cymbals . Just click the link and you will be presented with lots of videos with professional drummers playing the prototype cymbals. Vote for your favourites and then you can buy them after production next year, if your cymbal is chosen of course.

  3.   Vinnie Paul

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    Vinnie Paul


    India Pascucci - Drum Solo (February 2010)

    This is the first female drummer that i’m featuring on the site. What strikes me about India in particular is the technique with her hands, it’s spot on. Now I don’t mean to sound rude but a lot of female drummers can’t manage to do proper hand technique. Even Meytal Cohen’s technique looks a bit off to me at times, but India’s video has really impressed me. Take a good look at this one guys! :)

    Thanks to irongiant85 for the submission.

  5.   Shannon Leto

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    Shannon Leto